5 Gallon Water Bottle Cap

Replacing Your Misplaced 5 Gallon Water Bottle Cap

When you are setting up a 5 gallon water dispenser, the last thing you are probably thinking about is the 5 gallon water bottle cap. There will come a time when you will have to think about the caps.

The 5 gallon water bottle is designed to be used over and over again. The idea is that in addition to providing you with good, clean water for drinking and cooking, the bottles aren’t filling up the world’s landfills. In order for this to work, the caps have to be removable. Since the 5 gallon water bottle cap is removable at some point the chances are pretty good that the cap is going to get misplaced. When this happens you are going to have to order a brand new cap.

The simplest way to replace your 5 gallon water bottle cap is to go online. There are several different companies that sell the bottle caps. Each of these companies has an amazing amount of bottle caps for you to choose from.

The first thing you need to think about is how many 5 gallon water bottle caps you should order. If you don’t think you will ever misplace another cap, you can get away with ordering a single cap, but otherwise you are probably going to want to order multiple caps. One of the perks to ordering multiple caps is that most companies lower the price when you order several caps at the same time.

The second thing you will notice when you have to replace your 5 gallon water bottle cap is that there are an amazing amount of water bottle caps to choose from. The companies who make the caps for the 5 gallon water bottles believe in giving you several choices of styles, colors, and functions. The sheer number of choices you have is staggering.

One of the biggest choices you will have to think about is whether you should get a snap on bottle cap, or if you prefer a cap that screws on. The advantage to the snap on cap is that it can be quickly put on and taken off the giant water bottle. On the other hand, we have all had the experience of thinking the snap on lid is in place only to pick up the bottle and finding that the cap wasn’t as secure as we thought and the contents of the bottle spill onto the ground. At least with the screw cap you know if it is secure.

If you don’t have a 5 gallon water bottle dispense, and pour the water directly from the bottle, you might want to consider getting a cap that is non-spill or anti-splash, both of which will eliminate accidents.

When you are ordering a replacement cap for your water bottle, make sure you get the right size. Most bottle cap manufactures sell caps for 2, 3, 5, and 6 gallon water bottles. Double check your order before you finalize it.

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